Why Does Electrolysis Take So Long?

If you’re frustrated by your body hair, you may be pleased to know that there is a solution. If you have electrolysis done, you’ll never have to worry about shaving again. Your body hair is going to be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be done in a single session. It will take a number of sessions before the hair in an area can be removed completely.

Why does the process take so long? Here are a few of the reasons electrolysis hair removal takes such a long time:

It Is A Permanent Process

Electrolysis isn’t like waxing; you’re not just pulling out the hair that you have now. You are destroying all of your hair follicles so that they won’t be able to produce more hair in the future.

You can’t get permanent results instantly. It takes time for the process to complete. However, once you’ve completed your treatment sessions, you won’t have to come back again. You’ll have completed your treatment.

Follicles Are Destroyed One At A Time

When an electrologist works to remove hairs, they slide a probe into a hair follicle. From there, they apply an electrical current to that follicle. This causes a reaction that destroys the follicle.

Since these follicles have to be taken care of one at a time, it will take a while for each follicle to be destroyed. If you have a lot of hair follicles in an area, you may have to come in for several sessions before you get the kind of results that you want. For example men’s beard electrolysis is a body area that can take many sessions to get rid of hair for good.

The Process Needs To Be Completed Carefully

An electrologist is sending an electric current through your body; they have to be careful about how they do this. While the process is completely safe, it isn’t something that can be rushed.

If someone tries to perform electrolysis too quickly, they may not be able to destroy your hair follicles. This means that you are going to have to come back again.

It takes time to do things right. If you have to come back several times, you shouldn’t worry too much. The results will speak for themselves.

It Doesn’t Always Work On The First Try

The first attempt to destroy a hair follicle isn’t always going to be successful. Hairs grow in different stages. If the follicle is attacked during the wrong stage of growth, hair might come back again.

Because every attempt is not going to be successful, the process has to be repeated until the hair is really gone for good. Eventually, every single follicle in the area will be destroyed, and you won’t have to go through this treatment anymore.

If you’re looking into electrolysis, you may be feeling frustrated with how long the process takes. While it is true that it may be a while before you see any results, you’ll be very happy when everything is completed. Sometimes, the best things take time. This is definitely something that is true when it comes to electrolysis. It’s worth waiting for the results.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy And How Does It Help?

Anyone can benefit from lymph massage or lymphatic drainage therapy. Especially, people who feel tired and low on energy most of the time and a sick individual who feels like his/her body is fighting to get back on track will immensely benefit from this type of massage. Furthermore, patients who have undergone surgery, athletes, sufferers of  fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, and anyone who wants a fresh look may consider lymphatic drainage therapy. This article provides an overview of who should do lymphatic drainage therapy and how does it help?

Lymph vessels become overwhelmed with the demand placed on them after surgery or a sports injury. Lymphatic massage will help your body remove proteins and waste products from the affected areas and reduce the swelling associated with the condition. The therapy will lift the pressure placed on the cells and allow them to reproduce and heal the body at a much faster rate. This treatment is ideal for mild lymph swelling cases. In fact, severe swelling cases should be treated by a qualified physician. It is best to involve your doctor in this specific case. Let him/her know that you prefer massage therapy to deal with milder lymph swelling cases. He or she will direct you to the right therapist for this purpose. Hence, if you are recovering from a sports injury, experience mild lymph swelling, or feel tired and sluggish most of the time, lymphatic drainage therapy is the best treatment for you. Ask your massage therapist about this treatment method.

The lymph system is a vessel network in your body that removes cell waste, excess fluids, proteins, bacteria, and viruses. The lymph system will pick up the waste products and fluids from the spaces between the cells. It will then filter and clean the fluids. There is a network of lymph nodes and delicate vessels which are considered the primary structure of the immune system. The lymph nodes would filter the lymph fluid and serve as the base for lymphocytes which attack and destroy foreign bodies and cancer cells. People are healthy and will have a strong defense against sickness when their lymph system works efficiently. When the lymph system is blocked, people can have low energy and get sick easily. This is where lymph drainage therapy comes in handy.

Lymph massage will help your lymph system to perform its job much more efficiently. The massage therapist will help you feel healthy and more energetic by clearing the system of waste and swelling. The therapist will apply light pressure in a circular motion to stimulate the lymph system to work more effectively in the long run. This has many long-term health benefits to the individual.

In conclusion, lymph massage or lymphatic drainage therapy is a popular type of massage. It helps clear the lymph system of excess fluids and waste materials. This has numerous long-term health benefits. Improved immunity is one of the most important benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy. A special thanks to one of our contributors from Skin Essentials waxing department for giving us insight on this service also to Encinitas waxing department at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa.

4 Tips For Getting Highlights For The First Time

Tired of your dull looking hair? Give it a total makeover! A little bit of highlight can make a huge difference. Highlighting can surely add some glow to your eyes and make you look younger than your age. Here are some tips when highlighting your hair for the first time:

1. Choose a professional hairdresser.

If this is your first time, be sure to let a professional handle your hair. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of skill to achieve a polished-looking highlighted hair. Most hairdressers are licensed and have undergone training in treating all hair types to ensure the quality of end results. Watch them how they execute the treatment before deciding on hiring them. Be certain that you fully trust them and their professional opinion before availing of any of their treatments. Find a hair stylist that you are comfortable and that is able to give you what you want. For example, if you want a certain type of highlights or if you are looking for blonde highlights, we recommend you find the best blonde services in San Diego, California.

2. Pick the right color.

Decide what shade looks good on you. Remember that you are doing this to improve your appearance and not to overly change it. Rules imply that you should pick the color closest to your natural shade and texture. Women with fair complexion and light eyes can’t go wrong with lighter shades while women with dark eyes and skin will rock those darker tints.

If you can’t decide which shade would look good on you, experts suggest that you go and look at your baby pictures for inspiration. For first timers, the color you have as a child is usually the best to go for.

3. Understand the different highlighting types.

Be certain to choose the type that will compliment your overall appearance.

Full Foil Highlighting requires at least 3 hours of processing time. Tint will be scattered all throughout your scalp.

Half Foil Highlighting will look good on bob shape hairstyles. This process usually takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. For this type, lights will be scattered from the crown of your head to your ears.

Feature Foils may require a different type of application but this will be best for hiding and emphasizing parts of your hair.

4. Know how to maintain your hair properly.

Keep your hair healthy. This will make your highlight last longer. Don’t forget to deep condition your hair after any color treatment. Avoid applying products with lots of alcohol in them including hair spray, dry shampoo, heat protectant, etc. The main cause of dry hair is alcohol so be sure to toss these products off of your cabinet to lessen the damage.

Go easy on your hair. Leave the task of highlighting at the hands of a professional hairdresser. Make sure that they know your hair type and how you wear them to ensure good results. If you follow all these tips, your first highlighting experience will surely be a pleasant experience. Finding a highlight specialist can be tricky, but it does take research on your part. The last thing you want are bad looking highlights that will eventually lead to hair color correction and more cost to you. Find out more about highlights at San Diego’s top hair highlight stylist.

Main Benefits Of Diamond Microdermabrasion

Radiating skin is always a dream for people, yet something that is often out of reach. How could one possibly attain the skin that glistens and simply looks superb all the time? It must be genetic right? Wrong. It has to do with skin care and that begins with the treatments being employed. One of the most effective treatments being used around the world by people including stars would have to be diamond microdermabrasion. There are a number of benefits attached to this process and here are a few of them. For additional benefits about this service click here.


Does it hurt for those who are fretting over what is going to be done with their skin? Yes, this process is fantastic and has been designed to ensure pain does not occur. No one should have to be tortured in order to have great skin. it is a painless, noninvasive treatment option that is used by numerous people to get the skin they have always wanted.

It is not only a process that is painless but one that is as quick as one would like it to be. In a few minutes, the process will be complete and the skin will look fantastic.


Is it safe in the long-term? This is always important when having a treatment of this nature being carried out on the skin. What is the value of going with a solution that is not safe? It is always critical to ask these questions before getting the treatment done.

in this regard diamond microdermabrasion is as safe as it gets.

It has been tested around the world for years and has always proven to do the trick without causing long-term side effects. It si simple to carry out and even easier to live with once completed.


The purpose of the process is to eradicate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin in order to bring it back to life. Most individuals have skin that tends to deaden as time goes on and they learn to live with it. It does not have to be this way at all as long as the right treatment is being carried out.

The treatment, in this case, would be diamond microdermabrasion. It works like a charm and is going to ensure the results race in for the person having it done on themselves.

These are the important benefits associated with diamond microdermabrasion and you can visit this website http://waxingbyceleste.com/El-Cajon-Spa/ to learn more about the service . It is comprehensive and will ensure the skin is going to look better than it ever has before. It is a unique and powerful solution for those who are sick and tired of not being able to look their best and want a change. If that is the position one finds themselves in, ti is time to take a look at diamond microdermabrasion and all that it has to offer. This is a solution that is used around the world with great success because it is able to work on all skin types and treats the problem head on as needed.