What Is Eyebrow Microblading And Should You Try It?

Looking your best has never been more important, thanks to smart devices and social media. You never know when your best friend is going to pull you in for a selfie and post it for all of the world to see. And, of course, you want to look your best when this happens. While you might not walk around with full makeup all of the time, you probably have quirks about your appearance and what people see. For some it is acne, for others it is sparse brows. If you are disenchanted with your brows, then someone might have suggested that you try eyebrow microblading.

In the world of beauty, this is one of the latest trends taking the world by storm. It is a semi-permanent solution to your eyebrow problems that will let you jump into those pictures without worrying about what your eyebrows look like.

There are many different reasons that women end up with smaller eyebrows than what they are happier with. In some cases, genetics have kept a full brow from ever being a concern, unless it was about trying to draw one on. Other women have struggled with some type of medical condition that has causes their hair to thin. When thin brows were in style, many women plucked theirs to oblivion, with many of the hair follicles giving up.

You might be dissatisfied with your brows due to one or more of these reasons, or perhaps you have an entirely different set of circumstances that has led to your current brow situation. Fortunately, eyebrow microblading is the perfect solution in most cases.

The process is similar to getting a tattoo. If you have ever had one, or watched someone get one, you know that the tattoo artist uses an machine with needles to apply the ink. The needles are designed to go deep within the skin to create a permanent image. While some tattoo artists have worked on creating eyeliner and lip liner tattoos, the process of microblading is different in important ways.

Rather than depending on a powered device to deliver the pigment, professional microblading artists create individual lines with their own hands. A small blade-like set of needles are used to create thin, carefully placed cuts within the eyebrow region. Each of these cuts will simulate a real eyebrow hair once the process has been completed. You can visit this website to get an idea on prices.

Before this, the artist will show their client the intended placement and get consent before actually making the incisions. Then, a carefully selected group of colors are mixed that match the natural hairs already there. For those without eyebrows, the technician will likely use the natural hair in order to create a cohesive look.

Once the cuts have been made, the pigment is massaged into them by the technician who is performing the microblading. The length of time it takes will depend on several factors, including the number of artificial hairs being created. The professional will consult with the client mid-way through the procedure to ensure satisfaction.

This process makes a significantly more subtle line than a regular tattoo. Combined, the small lines look as though they are simply eyebrow hairs laying closer to the skin. This is perfect for filling in areas that look empty in your brows each morning. Imagine how nice it would be to skip that part of your morning makeup routine!

Now that you understand the eyebrow microblading process, you can decide for yourself if this sounds like the right solution for you. The time and hassle you save each day is sure to make the hour or so during the session worth it!