Lymphatic Drainage Therapy And How Does It Help?

Anyone can benefit from lymph massage or lymphatic drainage therapy. Especially, people who feel tired and low on energy most of the time and a sick individual who feels like his/her body is fighting to get back on track will immensely benefit from this type of massage. Furthermore, patients who have undergone surgery, athletes, sufferers of  fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, and anyone who wants a fresh look may consider lymphatic drainage therapy. This article provides an overview of who should do lymphatic drainage therapy and how does it help?

Lymph vessels become overwhelmed with the demand placed on them after surgery or a sports injury. Lymphatic massage will help your body remove proteins and waste products from the affected areas and reduce the swelling associated with the condition. The therapy will lift the pressure placed on the cells and allow them to reproduce and heal the body at a much faster rate. This treatment is ideal for mild lymph swelling cases. In fact, severe swelling cases should be treated by a qualified physician. It is best to involve your doctor in this specific case. Let him/her know that you prefer massage therapy to deal with milder lymph swelling cases. He or she will direct you to the right therapist for this purpose. Hence, if you are recovering from a sports injury, experience mild lymph swelling, or feel tired and sluggish most of the time, lymphatic drainage therapy is the best treatment for you. Ask your massage therapist about this treatment method.

The lymph system is a vessel network in your body that removes cell waste, excess fluids, proteins, bacteria, and viruses. The lymph system will pick up the waste products and fluids from the spaces between the cells. It will then filter and clean the fluids. There is a network of lymph nodes and delicate vessels which are considered the primary structure of the immune system. The lymph nodes would filter the lymph fluid and serve as the base for lymphocytes which attack and destroy foreign bodies and cancer cells. People are healthy and will have a strong defense against sickness when their lymph system works efficiently. When the lymph system is blocked, people can have low energy and get sick easily. This is where lymph drainage therapy comes in handy.

Lymph massage will help your lymph system to perform its job much more efficiently. The massage therapist will help you feel healthy and more energetic by clearing the system of waste and swelling. The therapist will apply light pressure in a circular motion to stimulate the lymph system to work more effectively in the long run. This has many long-term health benefits to the individual.

In conclusion, lymph massage or lymphatic drainage therapy is a popular type of massage. It helps clear the lymph system of excess fluids and waste materials. This has numerous long-term health benefits. Improved immunity is one of the most important benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy. A special thanks to one of our contributors from Skin Essentials waxing department for giving us insight on this service also to Encinitas waxing department at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa.